What makes our watches suitable for children aged 3+?

It isn’t until the age of 6 that children begin to fully grasp the concept of time in the traditional manner, making reading a watch almost impossible up until this point.   Our watches use pictures and colours to allow children to easily grasp the concept of time in a simple and fun way, before they are ready for a standard watch. 

On our unique watch face hours are replaced with colours and minutes by animals, so as soon as these can be identified, your child is ready for their first watch.  

My First Watch can be used in a variety of ways to make the concept of time meaningful to children which helps parents avoid moments of unnecessary stress and confrontation throughout the day. 

How to use our watches as a
positive parenting tool

How to use your new watch as a positive parenting tool

Follow the link below to download a copy of the watch face to either print or save to your phone as a screen saver/lock screen. You can then easily use this to refer to when discussing time with your child. 

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